“Anissa Angelosante coached me through through my first 5K and 10K in 2017. Her patience, enthusiasm, determination, and gentleness were the foundation for my confidence and success in these races. Anissa developed a 12 week plan for each race with weekly strength and speed workouts that established a healthy running routine and built my stamina and endurance. Although her organization and planning definitely made the program and training successful, Anissa’s steady encouragement, positivity, and love for running has rubbed off on me! Now, that’s a great coach!”

  • Shannon Baer

I am an older, new runner.  I worked with Anissa a month before the women’s running group that she coaches.  I have wanted to run a half marathon-the longest I had ever run was 3.1 miles.  I did not know if I was capable of running that far.  Anissa was so encouraging.  I had questions-she gave me the answers.  The women’s running group that Anissa coached was great!  She always had encouraging words for us.  She kept in touch during the week.   Different vendors came and spoke and/or demonstrated their products.  She had different workouts each week.  We had a planned schedule for our runs we had to do on our own.  She is so knowledgeable-not only does she have the knowledge, she actively runs with us and on her own.  I would highly recommend Anissa and the women’s running group. I worked with her on my own and with the group.  I did run the half marathon in not too bad of a time-thanks to Anissa!  Loved her special little guest Augie too! 

  • Cindy Davidson